The world around us stirs with an abundance of aching hearts and unsettled minds. Many are in need of hope and long for a meaningful source of comfort and inspiration, while countless others search relentlessly for the answers to their most pressing questions about life. People want to know: Is there a God? Where is the justice in this world? Why do we suffer? What is the purpose of this life, and what happens when it comes to an end? How can we find happiness? Changing Lives with Spiritism illustrates why the teachings of Spiritism, according to the works of its codifier, Allan Kardec, hold the key to addressing these pressing spiritual concerns. With sound evidence and a compelling philosophical framework, Spiritism provides much-needed clarifications regarding our existence as evolving spiritual beings. Through its many teachings, Spiritism thereby offers humanity a new and refreshing outlook on life. In this book, you will find a clear picture of what Spiritism is all about as the author takes you on a fascinating journey of discovery in which common misconceptions are dispelled, while the uniquely coherent and enlightening perspective of Spiritism is revealed. From one chapter to the next, you will uncover the means by which Spiritism can change lives for the better by restoring our faith and empowering us to take charge of our destiny.

Changing Lives with Spiritism