Synopses: From Krishna to Buddha, Moses to Jesus, Augustine to Francis of Assisi, or Allan Kardec to Albert Einstein with his revolutionary E = m c2, and then even recently, in these dismal times we live in, the wind of God has blown when and where It wishes: sometimes with fearsome strength; at times so subtle it can go unnoticed by those who spend life like jaded spectators. Erudite but vibrant, for forty years at the service of Spiritism, the author offers a wealth of information in this precious book, a gesture of goodwill toward the worldwide reader. By scrutinizing ancient and modern spiritual beliefs and practices, along with other pressing issues, Regis de Morais endeavors to demonstrate that God’s breath has never ceased to be with us everywhere since time immemorial.

About the author: Regis de Morais was born  in Brazil in 1940, he specialized in Philosophy and Social Sciences, having taught for decades in some prestigious universities in Brazil, Latin America and Europe. He also wrote and published over sixty books on philosophy, sociology and literature – an impressive achievement by any standards. But for the scope of this book, maybe his first published volume of poems, entitled Cotidiano[Everyday Life] (Brazil, 1970), contains the most relevant pointers to the Spiritualistic and Spiritist writer that would soon blossom in his future production. 

God's Breath is Everywhere

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