At this time, in which many peoples have their peace disturbed, and countless households are struggling, disarranging, and dissolving, aggravating the sufferings of humanity, the world is more than ever needed and eager for a solace. It needs a light that springs from the heart and soul, and no more from the cold and hazy brain. The lines of this book have flown from the pen of someone who, having made of the healthy Spiritualism his most sacred priesthood, has devoted his entire life to ease the moral and physical pain of the neighbor, both in his acts and words. This is because he is not a simple theoretical, but a constantly active practitioner of the good. Hence, the reader will find in this book an encouraging message, distributed in sixty short chapters on varied topics, all converging such as streams of light to the same ocean of Truth, who is God, and quenching the thirst of the pilgrim souls from all backgrounds.

Heart and Soul by Francisco Cândido Xavier