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Into the Unseen
For the first time in English, this legendary book tells it all about the spirit world and its manifestations. From Europe to the UK, and all over the US, not forgetting places as unusual as Brazil, and from the distant past of humanity, INTO THE UNSEEN does justice to them all, while revealing Léon Denis's very personal take on Spiritism and New Spiritualism in general. A fascinating narrative backed by a plethora of extraordinary cases thoroughly researched by the author.

After Death
After Death is one of the most important books of classic Spiritist literature. In his poetic prose, a style that we find in his other books, Léon Denis presents a scientific and rational solution regarding the problems of life and death, and of the nature and destiny of the human ego in its successive lives.

This book is an able and luminous account of the phenomena and doctrines included under the term “Spiritualism,” their relation to modern science and their influence on conduct. It is therefore not surprising that After Death has been translated into several languages and that it continues to elate people all over the world.

Spiritism in the Arts
This book is a must-read. When Léon Denis decided to write a general study about the Arts, with emphasis on music, who would have thought he could contact two preeminent artists now living in the spiritual world? The resulting lessons provide an invaluable insight on how music is composed.

Into the Unseen + After Death + Spiritism in the Arts

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