Author: Andre Trigueiro

Editor: Jussara Korngold


There are moments when life becomes a burden and many of us lose the courage of moving on. This experience is more common than one can imagine. However, people often do not like to talk about it or do not have anyone to share their difficultmoments with. The more one feels melancholy or depression, the greater the risk for isolation or guilt in one’s life.There are many paths that lead to suicide. Tragically, society often ignores the seriousness of these situations and the urgencyof some measures that could potentially mitigate this problem, considered a public health issue worldwide. Think about how much pain and suffering could be prevented if the idea of suicide were perceived under a broader perspective. If it were viewed as a symptom of a disease or disorder that could be controlled or even healed? Many ‘emotional accidents’ would cease to be fatal if people close to someone contemplating suicide knew what to do in order to better deal with an apparent insoluble problem. The fight for life is the common cause, which gives meaning to the concept of civilization.We are together in the same spaceship. If for some the journey seems long and unpleasant, and there is a way to eliminatethis discomfort, why not do so? But for many, the one who is seated alongside you is not just a passenger, but also a part ofsomething higher that includes you. There are those who call it humanity.


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