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Spiritism 101

Reincarnation 101

Gospel 101


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Spiritism 101
Get to know the Spiritist concepts with an easy reading.
Can we remember past lives? Is there life on other planets? Can we see the future in our dreams? How is life after death? Where is God's law written? Which are the powerful prayers? How can we ward off evil spirits? Who was Chico Xavier and Allan Kardec?

Reincarnation 101
Learn the Concepts of reincarnation with a quick read.
Does reincarnation exist? Who was I in a different life? Why don’t we remember the past? How many times do we reincarnate? Can I reincarnate as an animal? Has reincarnation been proven? Did Jesus say that we reincarnate? What is “karma”? How do we know if we are atoning for things that occurred in a past life? Could I have been a woman or a man in a different life? How do we explain children with disabilities and children who are geniuses? Can we reincarnate on different planets? When do we stop reincarnating?

The Gospel 101

Understanding the Gospel within a few minutes of reading.

Get to know the concepts of the Gospel with an easy reading.

What is the Gospel? What does it teach? How can the Gospel improve my life? Who are the Pure Spirits?

What is the "kingdom of heaven”?

What is the relation between Christ and Spiritism?

Can we become angels? What is the importance of Love, Humility and Charity?

Who was Jesus?  And who were Krishna, Buddha, Socrates and Confucius?

Spiritism 101 Bundle (Luis Hu)

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