Program / Bios



                   Session One: Life in Its Essence

09:15AM - The Essential Being: an Exploration of our True Nature - JULIO CARVALHO

09:45AM - Making sense of Reincarnation - MARCIA TRAJANO

10:15AM - Coffee Break


                   Session Two: Destiny - A Work in Progress

10:45AM - Do we Live our Fate or Create our Destiny? - FLAVIO ZANETTI

11:15AM - Building Happiness and Peace a Thought at a Time - SUZANA SIMÕES

11:45AM - Video: Allan Kardec

11:55AM - Q&A of morning talks - Moderator: PETER HAYS

12:35PM - Spiritist Medical Association (SMA) Presentation


12:40PM - Lunch Break


02:30PM - Session Three: (Spiritist Conversation) - Why Should We Change?

                   Moderator: DANIEL ASSISI



03:05PM - Artistic Presentation

                   Session Four: The Path to Spiritual Evolution

03:20PM - Self-Awareness and Inner Transformation - LUIZ LIMA

03:50PM - Love: The Driving Force of the Universe - EDWARD CHRISTIE

04:20PM - Coffee Break


04:50PM - Youth Education Presentation

05:05PM - Session Five: (Spiritist Conversation) - How can Spiritism help us?

                   Moderator: DANIEL ASSISI



                   Session Six: Conclusion

05:50PM - Invitation to 14th US Spiritist Symposium

05:55PM - Visualization for Inner Peace

Children and Youth Activities

Speaker's Bios



Dan Assisi has spoken on Spirituality and Spiritism throughout the U.S. and abroad. Dan is currently a board member of the California Spiritist Association and of The Spiritist Institute. You can also find him as the host of the Spiritist Conversations podcast, a show that talks about the world through a Spiritist lens in an informal, unscripted, and unplugged way. Dan lives in San Diego with his family.



Born in New York City, David Cohen lives in Montana, where he co-founded the Spiritist Group of Montana, with his wife, not long after finding a copy of the book Nosso Lar in the small town where they live. Today, he co-directs the spiritist center and helps with the dissemination of Spiritism in the state.



Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Edward Christie has been involved with Spiritism for more than 20 years and is an active member of Inner Enlightenment Spiritist Society, in New York.  Edward is a classically trained pianist, and has given lectures and talks about Spiritism and music around the country. Edward is the president of Fraternity Without Borders US, a nonprofit organization that has projects helping children and their families in Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique and Senegal.



Eduardo Haddad has been an active participant in the spiritist movement in California, Florida, and Texas for the past 18 years. He is one of the founders and currently a board member of the Sunrise Spiritist Society of Texas, in Houston, and is also currently the Treasurer and member of the Board of Directors of the U.S. Spiritist Federation. As a worker in the spiritist movement, he has focused on helping structure programs to disseminate Spiritistm in English, and has worked as a speaker and lecturer.



Flavio Zanetti is an avid Spiritist student and a dedicated worker for the Spiritist Movement in the US and abroad. Since 1999, he has been working in different positions for the Allan Kardec Spiritist Society of Massachusetts. More recently he has helped found the Spiritist Institute, a non-profit dedicated to advance the awareness, study,

and practice of Spiritism in the English speaking-world. He also contributes by translating books, articles and course materials for various publications.


Heather Bollech-Fonseca has been a student of Spiritism for many years. She is a co-creator of the Explore website and Facebook page, which provide a comprehensive overview of Spiritism, including where it came from, what it teaches, and how it is practiced. She is also the author of the book Changing Lives with Spiritism and a blogger at .


Born in Blumenau, Brazil, Jana Machado moved to the U.S. in 2002, and has been a member of the Spiritist Society Seeds of Light in Fort Myers, Florida, since 2007. She became a board member of the Spiritist Federation of Florida in 2016, and since 2018 is one of the team members of the Children & Youth Department of the federation. She is an active worker in the dissemination of Spiritism in Portuguese, English, and Spanish.



Julio Carvalho is the founder and co-director of the Spiritist Center Divine Light, located in Newark, New Jersey. He is also a member of the Tri-State Spiritist Federation, where he works actively in the department of public speaking, providing training courses for Spiritist workers. Each year, he participates in the national and international congresses representing the USA and the TSSF.



Jussara Korngold is the founder and president of the Spiritist Alliance for Books and one of the founders and president of the Spiritist Group of New York, located in Manhattan, NY. She is also a published author, and has been translating spiritist materials and books since 1993. Jussara Korngold is currently the President of the United States Spiritist Federation, Executive Director of the TriState Spiritist Federation, and Executive Director of the International Spiritist Federation.


Lia Gouveia is an active member of the Spiritist Society of North Beach (SSNB), in Maryland, since its incorporation, in 2009, and has been serving as Program Director, Communications Director, as well as Vice President of the Society. In addition to coordinating Spiritist studies, participating in the Spiritual treatment and Mediumistic Practice, she also volunteers in the US Spiritist Movement.



Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Luiz Lima moved to the United States in 1990, where he began his journey in Spiritism. Due to his vast knowledge in science he became one of the most requested facilitators of Spiritism in Portuguese and English. He is an active lecturer in the Spiritist movement and participates in local and national seminars and events all year around.


Marcia Trajano is a member of the board of directors of the Christian Spiritist Community of Atlanta, in Georgia, which she co-founded in 1997. For the past two decades, she has been engaged in different areas including child and youth education and educational department, delivering classes on inner transformation, fraternal assistance, and mediumistic study. More recently, she has been responsible for conducting month-long courses about Spiritist topics and for delivering Gospel therapy meetings.


Nahur Fonseca has been an active contributor in the Allan Kardec Spiritist Society of Massachusetts since 2002, when he moved to the United States. In 2003, Mr. Fonseca along with a dozen spiritist centers of the Northeast region of the US organized the first meeting of spiritist educators for the youth. The next year, they organized the first Family Spiritist Retreat, which is on its 16th edition in 2019. He has also collaborated with the Spiritist Magazine, Kardec Radio, and many other regional events.


Peter Hays has been a member of Spiritist Group Love and Light, in Newark, New Jersey for several years where he teaches guitar to kids and adults. Besides lecturing at previous symposiums and doing several episodes of Living Spring on Kardec Radio, he was on the editing staff for The Spirits’ Book by the U.S. Spiritist Federation and helped with Love and Light’s English editions of Diary of a Counselor, Love Exists Among Us, and A Shipwrecked Life. Occasionally, he joins the Caravan of Love group in New York City to visit nursing homes and veterans’ hospitals.


Born in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Suzana Simões was raised Spiritist and has been in the United States for 24 years. She is one of the founders of the Conscious Living Spiritist Group in Miami, Florida, has worked 12 years as a board member of the Spiritist Federation of Florida and this last year as a board member of the United States Spiritist Federation. Suzana’s main area of work is the dissemination of Spiritism in the English language.